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 Forum Admin Tutorial ( Specially for Sam )

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PostSubject: Forum Admin Tutorial ( Specially for Sam )   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:26 pm

Tons of things to do when your admin of a forum.
If you wish to delete a post, you go to the forum its in, like OOC News.
Then near the bottom within the camaflouged bars there should be a line saying:
You are such and such
You can Moderate this forum. Click the moderate this forum part, now there should be checkboxes and other symboles around the topics names.
Simply click the box that is placed next to the topic and scroll a bit and at the bottom of the screen there should be a delete button.
Click that and boom ;D your good to go.
Now to add in secions you want to go to the administration panel at the bottom o the page , next go to general and then proceed to categorioes and forums.

Click the + Sign next to the IRPG crap in the menu that come sup in the new page
Say to create new Category like the News ( we already have )
Then select area to palce off of.
Make it connected to nothing by selecting ll- or something within that.
Then submit.
Next its going to ask if you want to add a forum to this category. Select yes and follow through.
Now ( even though we already have this ill explain for exmple ) since I made the new category News i want to add in IC News for forum name.
Then I wold place it after News and submit.


Much more to be posted soon but that was just the basics.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Admin Tutorial ( Specially for Sam )   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:29 pm

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Dats wut mine sayz o3o
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Forum Admin Tutorial ( Specially for Sam )
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