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 Tutorial Of Mastering RolePlaying Pt 2

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PostSubject: Tutorial Of Mastering RolePlaying Pt 2   Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:45 am

Once you've identified your weaknesses, you need to take them and improve them.
You can improve your typing skills/rping skills even when offline from habbo, or even away from the computer.
Flexing your hands before your type can help get your fingers the flexibility they need to reach most keys.
Now lest say your looking up something on google, and go to anothr search engine like webcrawler, (
It is bad if you copy and paste the words of the search. Instead, try typing it out for a change . More typing can increase the skillll.
( Ill finish posting later )
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Tutorial Of Mastering RolePlaying Pt 2
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