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 Tutorial Of Forum Making

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PostSubject: Tutorial Of Forum Making   Fri Jul 03, 2009 9:45 pm

Now making a forum is simple.
Depending on which forum hoster you want to use.
You want business? Phb.
You want RPG? Game? Forumotion.
Now dealing with forumotion You need to go to this link:
On the right hand side you can see create a blog or a forum. Since this is forum making,
click create forum. Now your going to need to fill out the forum registration.
Your going to need forum name,
forum adress,
email adress,
what you want your forum name to be,
and the pass, ( You can always change the name and pass tho )
Okay then you wanna press or click send/enter w.e
Then confirmation password and boom.
They give you the link to your forum url.
Now you wanna add in the the Categories.
So your on the forum site,
you go to the bottom of the page and you click Administration Panel
then you want to click into general.
Then click categories and forums under Forum.
After that you should see the forum name, and this symbol: +
When you see that symbol, click it.
Switch that you want to create a Category name the catogory like Opinions.
Then you want to go down and click create.
Shortly after that it redirects you to the categories.
Click the + symbol next to the category you created then you add a forum to that category.
Then you add in something like: Your Opnion.
And click send or press enter etc.
Boom . You can add as many as you like and put in whatever you want!
There you have it folks
Tutorial of forum making..thanks for reading!
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Tutorial Of Forum Making
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