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 Kerrick Nexus

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PostSubject: Kerrick Nexus   Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:05 pm

Habbo name BryanDude123


Name: Kerrick Nexus

Age: 23

Family Members: Unknown

Pets: N/A

Races: Half Dragon and Human.

Powers: " Black " Pyrokinesis

Abilities: Somewhat intelligent, Can Stay Awake for a while, Also can Run far without loosing breath.

- Power
- Strength

- Weakness
- Cowardness

Fears: Uncontrolled Vampires or Werewolves/Lycans


Personality: Quiet, Usually Doesnt Attack

Picture: Shown above.

Equipment: Two wristblades shown in the picture, And a bladed polearm on his back, between his wings/

History: Unknown

Occupation: Anywhere that suits him.
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Kerrick Nexus
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