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 Mythical War Journal - Book :D

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PostSubject: Mythical War Journal - Book :D   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:21 pm

The Mythical War Journal

Chapter 1: July 4th , 104

Well, we just heard where getting drafted to war today looks like the Elf’s are finaly standing up for each other. I don’t really want to get drafted, but what can you do?, I started this journal to help keep track of things incase I end up dying in this war. I have a angel of a wife named Rose along with two wounderful kids, but you can’t spell there names in the english language so i’ll just call them the Young ones. Oh almost forgot my names Jake for now i can’t tell you much but theres the word around the base. I heard our commander General Herkins said I quote “ Where going to war with the orcs first. “ , but again thats just the word around the base so far. Well i’ll describe the sleeping courters i’m in right now for the sake of something to do. My friend Jimmy is sitting on a bed across from me playing a Elf board game, but he has black hair sliked back along with long pointy ears that alwas stick out with points you couldn’t miss he has a chisled chin along with glemming blue eyes with a small mouth, and pretty big nose. The beds we sleep in are small crammed in with basicaly just some red sheets with green pillows. The place where the beds are stored are made from wood with elven markings are along the top archs above the door befor you come in. Well I hear the command is yelling for every one to hit the beds for tomorrow so on that word i’m off.
Chapter 2: July 6th , 104

Sorry about not getting in enough time to right yesterday we had to practice Hand-To-Hand combat , along with no rest all day, so any way I found time to write. Where being shipped out now to the island in the big wooden boats. The island where going to is in the ship of a dagger speaking of islands, and water I went up on the deck and saw a caprione incase you don’t know what that is. It’s a long whale like creature with two horns more looking like a long blob with basicaly two giant horns. With a body that is golden tinted along with a red line down it’s back. Besides the fact i had a sightning of a capirone the rest of the trip is pretty boring. The fact that where out in the middle of Gondor knows where. He is my god by the way, but enough about The Great One right now I have to say something to my wife, and kids. Angel, and young ones I can’t put how much I love you three in words, but I hope you still love me no matter what happens if you find this i’m sorry, but ethier I gave it to you, or i’m dead. If I did die i’m sorry for leaving you with the young ones all by your self, but i’m sure you’ll do fine on your own. Oh! Where about to dock on the island I have to get ready!

Chapter 3: July 7th , 104

I can’t beleve i’m stilll alive after that rush, but I managed to dig my self into what looks like to be a old Orc Den, but heres what happend i’ll go into much detail as possible befor the next raid. When the boat hit the island the rocks screeched like thounder against the steel cover’d front of the boat. Than the planks from the front of the boat fell onto the orange sand with giant spikes on the front to hook into it. It turns out we do have some luck the hooks snagged onto one of the rocks, but when I looked to the side our other friends didn’t get to... lucky i’m afaird. When I looked I heard the men scream, but I couldn’t see why, but than I noticed the boat sinking into the water with sharks eating the ones that fell off alive. The front end of the boat just came off without any problem at all causing the front of the boat to fill with water than pooring threw the bottom of the boat filling up the back causing it to sink downword, but when I looked back we where already running down the planks at – Well it’s hard to explain what ‘ they ‘ look like. There tail green creatures with giant tusks coming from there head. Along with random pericings that you would see on cattle threw there noses, and mouths. They wore gray plated armour with spikes coming out the side along with the top of the head. There skin was filled with worts like a old hag. Befor I knew it I was already slashing at the beasts opening in there face armour basicaly the only weak spot in there armour talented armour craftsmen I must say indeed, but I noticed my sword had black blood all over where I hit the beast, and a fowl smell coming from the sword causing me to almost puke, but dispite that I kept killing more, and more , and more... I can’t see how we are provoked to do such things to each other, but it turns out we took them for dumb creatures when they are smart. They have birds that fly in the skys dropping boulders even some times hitting there own men. They don’t care though there just souless creatures. Well I have to keep moving cause I can’t stand the bugs.
Chapter 4: July 8th , 104

I guess I should of stayed with the bugs. That about sums it up after I ran out from the hole I saw Jimmy. Just getting ripped apart by the birds that now I guess eat meat to. His screams still haunt threw my head, and i’ve only been here for 2 – 3 days!, and i’ve almost had enough. Theres no turning back now though what happend to me yesterday was. I guess the Orc’s have friends really big friends. They where giants yes I know what your thinking big stupid giants thats all they where. With armour thicker than a meeter along with giant spiked clubs. We couldn’t do anything, but run, but every time some one tryed to run one more ended up falling! It was horrible when I tryed to run the mud was like running on some type of moving stairs it was like i wasn’t moving at all. Than I saw my chance there was well a vine coming from a rock to the side so I grabbed it and just pulled till I was free. When I got free I ended up climbing behind the rock till the on slaughter was over. When I peered out over the rock hours later. I didn’t even see any damn bodys left it was just mud, and giant foot prints with spike holes in the bottom of them filled in with muddy water. I guess my men went on without me, i’m stilll not out of the clear not yet. I know they have scouting partys to finish off what ever is not dead. Where are the humans at when you need them? Thats all I thought over the screams of the men. Well humans, or not where still going to win this war with the Naga’s on our side they already live on the island. If your asking what a naga is there long human like snake creatures from the wasite down is just like a snakes tail. There upper body is alwas strong from the fact they move all the time. There mouths have two fangs that inject posion. All i’m saying is i’m glad to have them on my side I would hate to die to that posion the things it does to your body.
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Mythical War Journal - Book :D
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