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 Paige Francis

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PostSubject: Paige Francis   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:26 pm

Habbo name: iEmmerz


Name: Paige Francis

Age: 21

Family Members: Elyse(Mother), Haru(Father), Taner(Son), Tammy(Daughter)

Pets(optional): Border Collie puppy named Caleb (<Tammy's), and a cat named Mittens. (<Taner's)

Powers: Mind control, able to see the future.

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Runs really fast, can swim well, kinda smart.

Likes: Swimming, reading, her kids.

Dislikes: Evil, Tyler(Secretly in love, but doesn't notice. LAWL.)

Fears: Dying, people she cares about dying, drowning.

Appearance: Kinda tall with black hair and brown eyes

Personality: She's serious at times and easily pissed off. Otherwise she's a nice person to be with.

Picture(optional): (But with black hair.)

Equipment: A dagger and a backpack with her things in it.

History: She was born on the island to Haru and Elyse. When she was three, an evil spirit got to her and made her, uhm, well, EVIL. She was forced to drink an age potion by a "henchman" and was made 19. She hadn't aged the next to years of being evil. After a successful attempt at taking over the island, Joe had foiled her plans by freeing the islanders. The spirit gave up Paige, calling her a "useless shell of a girl," and left her. Paige awoke and didn't remember a thing, and was surprised at what happened. She was later raped by Tyler and made pregnant. She hates him, or so she thinks. She actually loves him, but doesn't notice it herself.

Occupation: Mother



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Paige Francis
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