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 Weep [Shinzys story]

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PostSubject: Weep [Shinzys story]   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:24 pm

Everybody screamed as the plane began to sink closer to the earth, everyone panicking. I stared around, my eyes calm, wonding whats going on. I stood, but right as my feet hit the floor, we hit it. with a loud WHAM! the plane met the earth, people flying everywhere. I landed in a patch of grass head first, but stood quickly. I looked around, seeing my best friend Tyson not to far away.
"TYSON!" I called, waving my hand a bit.
He stood, looking over. "IM OKAY!" He called.
I walked over, looking around casually with my hands in my pockets. "So, any idea where we are?"
"No clue." He said, looking around too. There was a old mountain, and a couple of old, rotted huts that could have bin there for who-knows-how-long-ago. People were already running around and exploring them, looking like no one was hurt to bad.
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Weep [Shinzys story]
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