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 Kevin Unger

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PostSubject: Kevin Unger   Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:44 pm

Habbo name: Scott@Canada


Name: Kevin Unger

Age: 19

Family Members: His real parents he doesn't know of, Fake ones still alive.

Pets(optional): He has no pets.

Powers: None

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Excellent Runner, Great Climber, Excellent with blades, and an amazing drawer.

Likes: Climbing, Runner, Practicing with blades, Drawing

Dislikes: The island,People,

Fears: Philophobia (search it up MAUHAHAHAH)

Appearance: Black hair with red lines, Gloved hands, Dark Green eyes, Muscular body,

Personality: He is anti-social, Really rude, Kinda Mean, Can have soft side


Sketch of the mountain he made

Equipment: Two blades hiding in gloves, Two blades in shoes, drawing pad, pencil

When Kevin was younger his family always hated him a deceived him, They put him up for adoption when he was 3. He got adopted by a rich family and lived with them till he was 14 years old. He took money from his "parents" and left them for good. Kevin lived on the streets for two years before, leaving the Country. He decided to take a plane out to anywhere it would take him. When boarding the plane he didn't see anything suspicious. The plane soon crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Kevin was able to retrieve a broken part of the plane, and float to shoreline. After reaching the shoreline, Kevin lived off the island.

Occupation: N/A

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Kevin Unger
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