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 ' John Jones Story ( In Progress )

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PostSubject: ' John Jones Story ( In Progress )   Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:28 pm

' The Island '

List of Characters Main Characters ;
John Jones
Rachel Knoine
Jake Takenjisu
Others ;

Chapter One. The Crash
We were all on a plane, heading for the island. None of us could realize who was who. We had no idea whatsoever of each other. When the plane hit turbulence, I immediately was frightened. Most planes hit turbulence, and fail the flight. Oh, was I right. The captain spoke the words ' Turbulence'. All passengers were frightened. Then, all went down hill. The right engine blew, due to a problem in the wiring, before I knew it, we were heading down. People were yanked from their unbuckled seats, thrown across the main area of the plane. All thrown around were killed, being hit in the head on the walls. When the plane first made impact, my father, yelled at me, saying my name.. asking me to brace myself. When he and my mother.. yelled at me, I was worried for them. My name, John. What a name, right? We made impact, and my parents were killed. They jerked foreward on impact, slamming their heads on something hard. My father hit the window, and was killed, drowning. My mother broke the tray ahead of her. It was a rather un-pleasant sight. I had met Rachel and Jake, coming off the plane with minor injuries. We got a suitcase, emptied it. We all were able to grab our own, and float together at the island. When we reached shore, all we saw was white labcoats, and wildlife. Everything else was a faded memory..
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PostSubject: Re: ' John Jones Story ( In Progress )   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:06 pm

Chapter Two - Itexicon
Rachel, Jake, And I, were strapped onto the beds, in seperate rooms. The odd scientists came in, and were looking over our files. Our weight, height, and everything. The scientist that came into my room, was a odd lady, with her tag reading ' Zira '. She held two syringes, no labels, and they were entirely full. When the liquid was pulsed into my veins, I was frightened. It could of killed me, but, all that had happen, was severe pain. I ripped one strap, the one covering my arms, this out of pain. My hands were flashing red, as were my eyes. My mouth was becoming beaks and dog mouths, and wings were randomly forming on me. I didn't realize this happening. A random monitor raised above me, infront of my eyes. The machine seemed to make me forget my way on the island. I only remembered my parents, and the other two. Rachel was made a lycan, which I thought odd. When Jake was done being tested on, he seemed insane. He got a injection, making him a vampire, and was able to control Dark Magic. Jake had ran out like a mad man, busting through the door. Me and Rachel made our way out, easily, when Zira and others were knocked down. We had soon forgotten each other, since her being only a child. I left her life with another woman, and just left her. She soon grew, loving a stuffed animal left by me. She had believed she had parents, when that was only told to make her feel better. It was odd, living with others. We had finally found some peace, without Itex in our way.
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PostSubject: Re: ' John Jones Story ( In Progress )   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:26 pm

Chapter Three
Making a Life

We had all three found piece. I created an underground tunnel. I thought it was smart, being fifteen. I had all sorts of supplies there. Almost all people got along, and I secretly wore ninja clothes, and scoped the island out at night. Then, when the manic showed, it was bad. He had tried killing the girls, but I fought him off. It was supposedly a man witha split personality. The fight was amazing, there were scorch marks on the wall when we were done. I had stayed away from the girl, keeping myself occupied. I was living underground, watching everyone get along. I kept to myself, not liking the island since Itex got me. I was then about twenty three, and a storm hit. I stayed under my hole, and waited it out. When the storm hit, Rachel lost her bear, and it was ripped to shreds, and spread on the island. We had searched for it for over five years. When found, I was one of the random people to stitch it up. After the time, I began speaking with Rachel. We knew of each others powers, and were basic friends. That was all good, until Leonus showed up. That was the day I held the most hatred toward a man..
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PostSubject: Re: ' John Jones Story ( In Progress )   Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:45 am

Chapter Four
The NewComers

Rachel and Jake disappeared, leaving me to remember everything. A new set of people showed up. Unfortunately, they crashed like the others. Some girl, Paige, had attempted a take over of the island. I made a run for the water, knowing the stun darts wouldn't get me. I was still hit, and dragged into the hut. The attack didn't end for a while, Itex was involved. I still remember the nights earlier. When a man, had challenged me. I stunned him a couple times. No big deal, right? Wrong, he still got up, being a stubborn boy. When the attack ended, I spotted the girl, Paige. She was evil, you could see it. Then, she jolted, and was surrounded. She claims to have been possesed. I didn't know what to believe. It was surprising, All I was, was a mear Patrol man, covering the island. Have I ever been thanked? Nope, not once. What made me mad, Is that, I was always there, on the roofs, silent. When I came and helped. No thanks was given. I mean, if only one time I was thanked, I woulda been the happiest guy. Everything wasn't going right. I can't believe the rest myself.

- A small drop of blood dried on the page -
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PostSubject: Re: ' John Jones Story ( In Progress )   

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' John Jones Story ( In Progress )
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