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 Tio Enrique...Witch Doctor

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PostSubject: Tio Enrique...Witch Doctor   Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:41 pm

Habbo name: LeninTheFast


Name:Enrique Hernandez AKA Tio Enrique

Age: 23

Family Members:His family Died

Pets(optional): A black cat with purple stripes and interchangeable eyes

Powers: Prerecognition

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Can find a cure to almost anything

Likes: People who are team players, People who look to have bright futures, People who are willing to do anything for something or someone

Dislikes:Ignorant people, People who are majorly addicted to drugs, People who regret their life

Fears:Scorpions and thunderbolts

Appearance: He looks like he could be on TV or magazine. He has straight lush brown hair,with a tanned and sun kissed skin tone, Light brown eyes, with his chin shaved

Personality: He is a very Just person, he always plays fair. He Holds grudges and hates science and stuff like that. He loves nature so much.

Equipment: A crystal ball, a staff of spirits, a voodoo doll, or a bag of herbs occaisionally

History:Growing up as a child in the Dominican republic, he was always interested in mixing stuff and seeing what happens. So one day, His mom was very sick and he had to take her to the witch doctor. He really didnt like going to the witch doctor because the witch doctor didnt make any sense. It turned out that the witch doctor mistook him as being sick of the mind. so the witch doctor made a potion and poured it on his voodoo doll. Enrtique felt soaked and he knocked out from it. When he woke up, He was alone in a thunderstorm with no shelter, but the witch doctors torn up house..The witch doctor was nowhere to be found. A thunderbolt was about to strike enrique. He saw this in a glance and moved out of the way. Enrique had now had a power of prerecognition. WHile he was there, he took all of the witch doctors supplies and learned more and more of his cures, he learned witchcraft ideas, soon he adapted these ideas to him self...soon the neighborhood came to him for cure of sicknesses. He became the town witch doctor.

Occupation:Witch Doctor, Local psychic and medium.
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Tio Enrique...Witch Doctor
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