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 Phoenix Rodran

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PostSubject: Phoenix Rodran   Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:59 pm

Habbo name: Owen-Garcia


Name: Phoenix Rodran

Age: 22

Family Members: Father (Deceased) Mother (Deceased) Both killed by him. Brother (Alive)

Pets(optional): Hunting Wolf

Powers: Telepathy, Shadow, Pusher

Abilities : Fast Runner, Extremley Strong, High Jumper, Great Liar.

Likes: His Blades, His wolf, His friends

Dislikes: Villains, Mean people, Bullies, Haters, War

Fears: None.

Appearance: See pic

Personality: He is a usually quiet guy, but has a somewhat split personality where he becomes talkitive and friendly.

Picture: See pic below

Equipment: He has two scimitars called Ebony & Ivory, named so because one is black, the other is silver. He also has claw blades on his hands that he wears. Also carries survival gear. He also carries poison tipped kunais and shurikens.

History: He grew up on the island and is somewhat a native. His father treated him like dirt, calling him an utter failure and a mistake. This made him grow angry, and his mother cried every night. His father was the leader of the Lone Wolves, his assassin group. He was secretly training under the wing of the Warlord. He stole his fathers blades, Ebony & Ivory, and assassinated him and his mother in the moonlight. He procceded on a rampage, killing all the clan members, but letting the warlord go. He grew up and trained a wolf called Kiba to be his hunting wolf. He is now the clan Leader, and a very skilled assassin.

Occupation: Lone Wolf leader, Hunter, Secrity Guard (Itex)

Themesong(optional): It Ends Tonight
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Phoenix Rodran
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