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 Alexander "Alex" Moss [ Human ] Biography.

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PostSubject: Alexander "Alex" Moss [ Human ] Biography.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:52 pm

"Alexander [Alex] Moss"
1.Habbo Account Character Name:bigalex6712

2.In Character Name:Alexander Moss

3.Character Age:Nine-Teen Years Old

4.Character Height:6`1

5.Character Weight:110 Pounds

6.Character Blood Type:AB

7.Family Members:All Decease

8.Family Name:Moss Family

9.Family Loyalty:85%


10.Pet Name:Eugene

11.Pet Type:Baby Liger [ Tiger + Lion = Liger ]

12.Pet Abilities:Tears Skin & Fleash, fast runner , High Jumper , Quick Scent Nose.

13.Character Abilities:A very fast runner, High Jumper , Fast Swimmer , Very fast , Can rip someon skin with teeth ,

14.Character Likes:Being Helpful, Animals , Showing Respect , Eating , Drinking , Allies

15.Character Dislikes:Not Being Helpful , Not caring for animals , respectfulness , Starving , dehydrated , Enemies

16.Character Fears:Hunters , Gun-Shots , Being Killed

17.Physical Appearance:

18.Personality: Helpful , Happy, Cocky , Quiet , Sneaky , Beastly , Respectful , Eager

19.Equipment:Gauntlet, Armor [ Chest ] , Rocks , Spiky Sandals , Pet Liger , Knife

20. Pet Liger Appearance:

cheers History cheers
Chapter 1: The Sinking
Being raise by a rich folk Alex, was a very lovely child. He was playful and he enjoyed company, hes favorite toy was a Liger Teddy Bear.Alex parents usually buy him everything he wanted.Clothes, Shoes, Games, Toys, everything! In the middle of 1989 Alex and his parents where taking a trip to New Orleans, suddenly the ship they was on on hit a Ice Block which was twice the size of the ship , half of the ship was completely destroyed from the block. Over 500 peoples was on this trip, and over 470 drowned, including Alex family.

Chapter 2:The Tiger & Lion Family
After the sink, Alex was washed upon unto a strange island, all of his close was badly wet. And he was unconscious, It was amazing that even he survive, after waking up Alex notice he was trap on the island, he saw peoples carrying woods, and tree leaves somewhere. Every time Alex tried to talk to peoples they would ignore him and continue on. With no1 Alex thought he had no chance of surviving. Until one night while sleeping Alex head a large growl. He immediately waked up and saw a yellow eyes glaring at him. Using a flash light he founded he then turn it on and saw a huge lion staring at him ,as he made a turn to the opposite side 1 lion and 2 tigers appeared. They surrounded Alex and countered him. He was then ambush by one of the tigers and knock out. He then wake up to a cave, the lions and tigers lick on his cheek seeing if he was ok. Alex looked around and discovered the lions and tigers had babies, the babies stand ed inside a container crying. The lions gave Alex a dead caucus of a deer, starving Alex immediately ate it. Alex spend ed the next few years taking care of the Lions and tigers.
Chapter 3: The Invasion

7 years had passed and Alex was at the age of 18. Mask hunters had seem to discover the island and they attacked everyone. The peoples trap on the island ran off to the other side but Alex was still there, he was up inside the cave with the animals. The mask men ran unto the cave and shot bullets at the animals, panicking Alex ran off, for 30 minutes gunshot was raging threw the caves and finally stop. The sounds of the gunshots frighten Alex, And as soon he went unto the cave all the animals who took care of him was on the floor dead, the only two animals that survive was two young Tiger and Lion.
Chapter 4: Final Chapter A Liger was borne

For the next year Alex raised the lion and tiger until they where old enough to birth. One day while hunting Alex, came across the lion and tiger mating. Not knowing what sex was, Alex just gazed at the two. O.O!
Alex then left later on and notice that a cat was born. It was not a tiger nor lion but a mix of both. Alex named this cat. THE LIGER. The Liger was very nice he licked ale alot, and took care of her.Later on Alex finally interact with the villagers. There were strange yet nice peoples.Alex decided to raise the Liger since the parents had died.Alex had continue to live in the island, expecting more things to come.


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Alexander "Alex" Moss [ Human ] Biography.
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