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 Derik the Werewolf

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PostSubject: Derik the Werewolf   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:54 pm

Habbo name: ?:Brad:?


Name: Derik Newsome

Age: 21

Family Members: unknown

Pets(optional): none

Races(What's the mix?): Lycan

Powers: Aerokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Incredible strength, and speed

Likes: War, other lycans

Dislikes: Losing a battle, vampires

Fears: Death, being killed by a vampire

(at Night) His eyes cahnge to a dark yellow and his hair becomes a silverish color
(Day) His hair and eys are a dark/ light brown
at all times he keeps wiht him a longsword on his back
(werewolf form) Dark and red fur

Personality: Quiet, Serious

(Werewolf form)

Equipment: Longsword

History:Derik had known he was a werewolf since he was little. He matured a lot faster then the othes too. He had a sick family member in new zealand and decided to go visit. Derik decided to take a airplane. He didnt know the government was planning to crash it for more people at itex. When it did he was the only survivor. He meet up with Alice and fount out she was a lycan too. He joined her clan as the omega wolf. He protects the pups and usually takes them out into the forest for an adventure. He is usually down on himself cause back in America he was in another clan. He had let them down by not being there when a group of vampires killed them. He tells himself to get over it but he wont.

Occupation: No job :l

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Derik the Werewolf
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