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 Henry Grimm's Bio

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PostSubject: Henry Grimm's Bio   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:29 pm

Habbo Name: Tony-McGregor


Name: Henry Delowess Grimm

Age: 34

Family: George Grimm, Marylyn Grimm (Not on the island)

Pets: Frisky (Seagull)

Powers: None

Abilities: Useless knowledge of gruesome facts

Likes: The sound of the sea, Tug Boat horn

Dislikes: People who get seasick, Peppy people

Fears: Dying penniless and alone

Appearance: Pale, glum


Equipment: Fishing pole, rusty tacklebox

A man from a small town in Tennessee who moved to start a small fishing company on the docks of New Orleans and loved the ocean and bought himself a tugboat, "The Scarlet" One day during a rough fishing season, A hurricane rushed them as they were returning home. The boat was torn apart and Henry Grimm the once happy-go-lucky man became a sad and lonely person, he lost his crew and a few months later his fishing company. He spent fifteen years trying to get back on his feet again He soon found out he was in debt in the thousands and sunk deeper into a great depression and commited a few failed suicide attempts and ended up in the hospital a few times and soon realized he would end his life the way god prevented it, he would go to sea and wait for a mighty storm to strike him down. Sadly the storm did not take his life, but rather summoned a giant whale which wrecked his boat and devured him. He soon woke up somehow drifting towards the island, just thinking that he was lucky to be alive.

Occupation: Fisherman, Tugboat Captain

The Scarlet:


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Henry Grimm's Bio
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