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 Ontoyou mallick

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PostSubject: Ontoyou mallick   Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:41 am

Habbo name: .gangstalife.


Name: Ontoyou mallick

Age: 10

Family Members: none

Pets: none

Powers: none



Dislikes:being alone,ppl being mean to him.

Fears:haveing no family,haveing no home,being little.

Appearance: a really cool lookin blue hair,always wears a leather type jacket ith a white tee under,black shoes,head band,always holding his kunai

Personality: always happy,being nice,always haveing fun


Equipment: kunai,backpack.

History: he was a little boy growing up in a big world around the age of 10 he found a mestorious island outta no were were he then live for 2 yr.s learning about sea creatures learining about plant life and wht it does but he was always sad because he never new wht love or family ment he was always near animals but they could not give the love he wanted he wanted to feel a mothers love he wanted to feel a fathers love but nothing would help the emptyness in his heart

Occupation: helping other in need of help.

Themesong: new divide-linkin park
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Ontoyou mallick
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