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 Alika the Neko

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PostSubject: Alika the Neko   Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:36 pm

Habbo name: mattiebeth:D


Name: Alika

Age: 16

Family Members: None known

Races(What's the mix?): feline and human

Powers: power to transform into any cat(main cat is panther), power to control water,

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Is an extremely good hunter, isnt afriad of water like most Nekos

Likes: cats, vermin, non-hovering ppl

Dislikes: dogs, anoying ppl

Fears: death

Appearance: Wild black hair that matches her panther skin, she has yellow cat eyes, and a always present panther tail. Her body is semi-muscular and very fragile looking.

Personality: She is very shy and is a girl often found smirking. She has a wild grin and tends to be tricky. She doesn't like to mess around unless it is playing mind games with someone.

Equipment: Her sword is dark gray and has blue diamonds incrested into it. The hilt is made of a magicaly stone that wont break easily and causes the sword to have the ability to freeze any surface. She calls it Ice-biter. She also carries a pack with in is the following: ipod(somehow still works), water bottle she usually refills, first aid kit, small dagger.

Alika was born in Tx, into a wealthy home. For her sweet 16 she was going to france when the plane broke down and crashed. She doesnt remember much now because of anathiasa. She does know that she woke up in a lab room once and saw a man in a white coat scribbling on a board. When she woke the next time she was in a very huge dog crate. The same white coat pulled her out and opened the cage. Almost instantly she felt the urge to run. And so she did. Running far into a forest. Then she realized she was on all fours, and could feel a tail on her butt. She stopped at a watering hole and realized wat she had become. Trying to kill herself she refused to eat. But soon she found the irpg city and gave up hope of dying.

Occupation: *NONE*

Themesong(optional): mean kitty song (look it up on youtube)
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Alika the Neko
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