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 The Blue Pheonix Clan

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PostSubject: The Blue Pheonix Clan   Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:04 am

Clan name: The Silver Dragon Clan (SD for short)

Leader: Steels11 (A.K.A Hunter)


Describe it: SD was started by Hunter not so long after he wased up on the island. It's focused on helping others and banishing the evil spirits that dwell on the island.

it's member are ranked by a flying creature and a colour:

1. Pink Chickadee

2. Green Dodo

3. White Hawk

4. Blue Pheonix

5. Red Gryffin

the leader is given the title Silver Dragon and the Co-Leader is given the title Silver Pegasis

with certain ranks there are also certain abilities too:

1 = Nothing

2+ = Able to attend basic meetings

3+ =able to attend more important meetings

4+ = Able to ASK to schedual your own meetings

5+ = able to kick people out of meetings (but i say no then its a NO)


To join just post a reply saying you would like to join and ill check out your bio (you might want to tell me your bio)

Any Member must add a tag saying: SD ______ Necklace. Fill in the blank with your flying creature

E.G: Mine would be: SD Dragon Necklace

This is a picture of my Dragon Necklace:

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PostSubject: Re: The Blue Pheonix Clan   Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:28 pm

Alright, I would like my guy Corta Aran to join. He's a hybrid, check out his bio.
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The Blue Pheonix Clan
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