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 Tibby the hell hound

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PostSubject: Tibby the hell hound   Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:47 pm

Habbo name: mattiebeth:D


Name: Tibby

Age: 8 wks

Animal(What are you?): Hell hound

Family Members: none

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time):

Likes: Shadows, Giant frisbies, Giant chew toys, Trees,

Dislikes: .... nothing really o.o

Fears: thunderstorms, being alone

Appearance: Tibby is a gaint rottwieler. Because shes a puppy shes as tall as a minivan she also as wide. Her paws are 5 ft (hopefully shell grow into them!)

Personality: shes just like any other normal puppy- loyal, friendly, and likes to give kisses.


Tibby is a playfull hell hound with a nice and friendly attitude. Unlike most hell hounds she enjoys people and was disowned by the greek god Hades because her parents died and left her alone. being alone she almost died so hades gave her to another hell hound so she would live. But the hellhound rejected her and only nursed her until she was 7 wks old,, then she took her to the island and abandoned her there.

Tibby was found by a werewolf male named Chance (Kinny and Alice's dad). Chance took her in and trained her for a week. Then Tibby wondered off and got lost. worried she tried to shadow travel back to the werewolf but ended up going to the city. she now is a young hell hound living in the city and trying to not terrorize all the people... all though i never said she doesnt...

Tibby has super-dog strength and can pick up lots of big thinks. She also can travel through shadows but it makes her very tired. when she was with her parents her father gave her a fang necklace with teeth as big as her. No one knows what kind of animal the teeth came from but they do know the sharp fangs are dangerous!!o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Tibby the hell hound   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:11 pm

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Tibby the hell hound
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