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 Kyo Hikaru

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PostSubject: Kyo Hikaru   Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:33 pm

Habbo name: troop143


Name: Kyo Hikaru

Age: 3

Family Members: Unknown

Pets(optional): Wolf pup

Races(What's the mix?): Lycan/ half man half wolf

Powers: Shadow

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Really fast runner when is able to stand straight, advanced senses

Likes: Wolves, being alone, running

Dislikes: Crowds, held against will

Fears: death

Appearance: He has blond hair that changes into gray fur when he goes into his lycan form. He wears rag like clothes and a white wrapping cloth around it.

Personality: He is always curious about things and is usually in a happy mood.

Picture(optional): (without costume)

Equipment: He holds a small dagger inside his clothing

History: When he was born a man came and took Kyo away from his parents. Even when his parents tryed to help him the man almost killed them. They went onto a plane to an unknown location and when the plane was in the middle of no where Kyo was dropped from the plane on purpose. As he fell to his death the man, with his red eyes, watch him fall to the island. But right before he fell a wolf saved him and he started to live with wolves. Even though he couldn't walk or talk he still was able to communicate with the wolves and he road on their backs. He explored nature and learned chlorokinesis. He also became lycan from living with wolves all the time

Occupation: none

Themesong(optional): N/A
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Kyo Hikaru
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