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 Kinny Carter [W]

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PostSubject: Kinny Carter [W]   Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:00 pm

HABBO NAME: mattiebeth:D


Name: Kinny Carter

Age: 16

Race: Werewolf

Gender: female

Parents: Chance the werewolf, Micheala Carter

Siblings: Alice

wolf form: medium sized red wolf with semi-muscular body
Human form: tan, semi muscular, very beautiful with dark blue eyes and redish brown hair that matches her wolf coat.

Abilities: Able to run fast on all fours in both forms, can doggy paddle for 3 hours with out rest

Disabilities: seeing out of both eyes o.-

Likes: running, playing, swimming, frisbies, balls, meat, howling, long walks in parks

Dislikes: leashes, thunderstorms, water-sprayers, animal haters

Weapons: Stone biter the dagger her father gave to her. When it slashes through the skin it puts poison into your cells and causes your body to become a statue.

Kinny is 16 years old. When she was 8 wks old she was abandoned by her mother for being a werewolf. She almost died but one day her father and older, half-sister, Alice, found her and saved her. They took her back to the pack where she was taught the basics of werewolf training.
Because she is part wolf she grows as fast as a normal wolf, meaning by the age of one she was all ready a preteen. Since she was already 13 her father (the pack leader) sent her on her first quest. She was to go out for a month and live by herself with out any help from the pack. Before she could return she had to kill a large elk. When she returned to the pack she had a large male elk. Her father was impressed and they feasted on the elk the same night.
Her sister Alice was born 3 yrs before her and is 3x her size. Because Kinny never had a mother Alice mothered her and was always there for her. She taught her how to use the dagger her father gave to her and how to do much more. When Alice turned 16 she was old enough to leave the pack. She decided that she would journey to the other side of the island, and Kinny was suppose to stay in the pack. But being stubborn Kinny snuck away from the pack (not following the rules) and went with Alice. shortly after they left they came across the city. Alice liked the city and decided to create a pack of her own. Kinny, wanting to be with Alice, joined the pack when she was 16 years old.
and now the they live together in the city with Alice's pack.
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Kinny Carter [W]
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