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 The Mysterious Hunter

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PostSubject: The Mysterious Hunter   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:00 pm

Habbo name: Steels11


Name: Hunter

Age: Unknown

Family Members: Unknown

Pets(optional): None

Races(What's the mix?): Human, Dragon

Powers: Ability to turn into a dragon of 4 different colours and elements, Fire, Water, earth, air

Abilities (different from powers. Ex, can hold breath for a long time): Can hold breath for a long time, can fly, abnormaly strong even as a human, can run very fast, can jump very high, chest and stomach are hard as steel due to dragon scales that cover the area, (bad ability) the more blood i lose the weaker i get

Likes: Helping People, Friends, Good

Dislikes: Evil, Hurting innocent people, Enemies

Fears: Having my secret revealed, death, blood

Appearance: Messy Blonde hair, Red eyes, Looks about 18 years old

Personality: nice, helpfull, stubborn, very lazy


Equipment: Dragon Fang, 4 foot sword

History: Little is known about Hunter, he lost his memory and cant remember anything about his family. he doesn't remember he last name either but he acts like he does. he doesn't want anyone to find out his secret because when he woke up the day his memory was wiped he was in a burned down building with giant boulders crushing parts and it was also drenched. He looked around and realized that the house was attacked by 3 of the 4 elements he can use with fire as his most powerful. He was chased out of town only 4 years old clutching his teddy bear and blanket that he manages to salvage. when he was 10 he was taken in by the monks of aspedien and trained to fight like a master. when he was 15 and finished his training he was taken in by the S.A.B.H.S (Specially Armed Bounty Hunter Society) and was isolated on a space ship for an unknown amount of time when a metior hit and was nowhere near the escape pods. By the time Hunter made it, they were all gone so he struggled to get to his cabin and laid down on his bed. waiting for death. when he woke up he was still lying on his bed, it was floating beside the shore of the island.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

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The Mysterious Hunter
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