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 Spirit: Eternal Red spirit of the island.

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PostSubject: Spirit: Eternal Red spirit of the island.   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:21 am

Habbo name: Eternal-Red

Name: The Eternal Red Spirit.

Age: Unknown

Family Members: Unknown

Pets: None

Races: Spirit

Powers: Has the ability to possess any living organism it sees fit. It is also nearly impossible to vanquish. In order to be rid of the Eternal Red spirit, you must trap it in a tomb. Also, no living organism can see the spirit unless the spirit alows it. It also has the power to persuade any living being to do its bidding. It can also use shadow tendrills (tentacles) to impale opponents. The spirit can also summon creatures from the neatherworld to aid it. The spirit will also eventually drive his hosts to insanity.

Abilities: See above.

Likes: Nothing

Dislikes: Nothing

Fears: The tomb

Appearance: The Eternal Red spirit is a hollow, black, empty soul with a blood red aura surrounding it. It also has small square bumbs running down its back resembling a spine. The spirits eyes are empty and white. It is also said that it can see multiple worlds at once besides our own.

Personality: The spirit is emotionless and has no charecter.


Video: This is a video of the spirit possessing another being to do its bidding. It will also show you what it sounds like.

Equipment: Shadow Blades, Shadow tendrills, neatherworld creatures.

History: The Eternal-Red spirit is one of the famous folk tales on the island. Many beleive the spirit does not exist and that its only a myth. Others beleive the spirit is the guardian of the island. Some also say it dwells in the cave at the base of the mountain. The spirit was once a feared tribal leader of one of the factions on the island. When the leader died, it was told his body became the blackest of blacks, and a blood red aura surrounded his tormented soul. Since then, the spirit has been around long before any other man woman or child set foot on the island. The only way to banish the spirit, is to place it in the tomb. The only way to do that is to reluinquish all controll to it thus allowing it to enter your body. You then must place yourself in the tomb and yourself in before it gains total controll. Of course it couldnt be real right? Its just a story.

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Spirit: Eternal Red spirit of the island.
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