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 shadow teehee

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PostSubject: shadow teehee   Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:19 pm

race: vampire/laguz
family:none Sad
equipment:various items in hood
history:shadow was turned into a vampire one halloween prank in transylvania which turned out to b a disaster he tries to keep his vampireness and laguzian status on the down low a laguz is a half wolf/dragon or bird and human shadow is the wolf half he can change into a wolf at will but after a wile he gets to tired and must change bak to human form(well vampire) he tries to make friends the best he can and hopes som1 will take him 4 how he really is under all of his frizzy hair lies little wolf ears which r hidden but might b seen wen drying his hair off this kid seems as though he is nevr asleep and can has the best reflexes in the entire transylvanian area wen u speak with him u will notice his transylvanian accent he has not yet been experimented on. enjoy!
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shadow teehee
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