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 Autumn Everheart

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PostSubject: Autumn Everheart   Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:01 pm

Habbo name: xXtOxIcDuCkSxX (old account: MaggieMay92)


Name: Autumn Everheart

Age: 15

Family Members: None

Pets: None Yet

Powers: Ice

Abilities: Not easily found, and can climb fast, and is amazing at hiding

Likes: Reading, quiet places, volcanos, helping people, and listening to music

Dislikes: Being bothered if shes busy, spiders.

Fears: Spiders.

Appearance: Teal blue eyes, and orange (vibrant) longish-short hair.

Personality: Helpful, kind-hearted, funny, very bright, creative, and organized.

Equipment: First aid kit, sewing kit, notebook and pencil, and her big suitcase.

History: A girl who wants to be a national geographic reporter, went on a plane to write about a volcano for national geographic, but when the plane crashed on an island, she decides to live near the volcano, and write about her survival.

Occupation: Student


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Autumn Everheart
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