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 The Rules!!

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PostSubject: The Rules!!   Sun Jun 28, 2009 2:46 pm

1. No Godmod
2. No randoming
3. No guns of any kind
4. No starting with powers (Unless you got my O.K.)
5. No complaining
6. No being a noob
7. No begging for furni
8. Include all characters in roleplay
9. 3 word minimum RP
10. 10 lines to kill
11. 5 lines to K.O.
12. Must have IRPG in motto
13. Get along.
14. Don't use banned powers. (Tk, invincibility, ability to turn into a gas or liquid, time manip, gravity manip, and atom manip.)

**Breaking the rules will result in kick or kick&ban, depending on how important it is.**
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The Rules!!
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